About Me

Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Photo credit: Monica Rana
Edit: Annastasia Brandley

Student Union Activities and Advisory Board

Student Union Activities and Advisory Board Chairmen’s on Faculty Float Competition Day. (Shawhin , David, Monica, Aamir, Ify , Annastasia)

Computer Mediated Communication Vlog group. I am the director and producer of this vlog.

Sound Design for short films and music Is a hobby of mine.

My youtube channel consists of sound effects, Art and Vlogs.

Instagram is my favorite form of social media.

On Hallowen and a piece of art work I entered into a Group Exhibition at the Richardson Texas Art Barn.

Sketches of an animated projects I produced.


I believe everyone is at the forefront of a beloved community. I’m serious about what I do and I’ve taken declarative steps towards my business interests synonymous with my artistic conviction. I exist in a collaborative environment reliant on creativity and disciplined, efficient team work. With my natural talents I wish to push forward new ideas, with good people and learn more about our collective potential to enrich society.